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Automotive suspension coil spring
        With great cares from the broad clients, we the Sanai·Shuangjin Company has always been displaying the essence of the San Ai Company which implies a Company aiming at the target of "Cl. A Brand; Cl. A Efficiency and Cl. A Innovation" , by endeavoring to get down to solid work in the production area of automobile Elastic parts and has won over "Jin' s Return" with "Jin' s Commitment" . The Company has been growing day by day and so far it owns three joint ventures respectively naming as "San Ai Springs. Zhonghai Springs and Shuangjin Stabilizer Bars" of which the total annual sales revenue is up to RMB two hundred million.
      Looking forward to the road of development in the future, we have to confront with both huge opportunity and challenge from automobile industry and in such a market of severe competition we will adhere to the developing strategy as survival of the Company, i.e. " To Establish Sincerity & Creditability over The Quality, To Mould the Brand with Quality, To Explore Market with Brand and To Promote Development with Market" .
      Set Footing on Automobile Industry to Build the Best Springs!
——Jin haibao  


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